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DolceVita Alpiana Resort
19.03.21 - 07.12.21 & 26.12.21 - 09.01.22
DolceVita Luxury Resort Preidlhof
29.01.21 - 28.11.21
DolceVita Hotel Jagdhof
20.03.21 - 21.11.21
Lifestyle DolceVita Resort Lindenhof
04.03.21 - 12.12.21 & 26.12.21 - 09.01.22
Feldhof DolceVita Resort
18.03.20 - 21.11.20 & 26.12.21 - 09.01.22

Treatments of the DolceVita beauty and spa hotels South Tyrol

Indulgence for all senses

Beauty and spa South Tyrol: the treatments at your friendly spa hotel in South Tyrol, a Dolce Vita Hotel, are especially effective and enduring. Enjoy the Dolce Vita classic: treat yourself to wellness & spa and beauty treatments at all Dolce Vita Hotels in Italy.


Can't wait to indulge in beauty and spa in South Tyrol? Convinced the Dolce Vita Hotels are the places to go? Leave daily life behind, relax and indulge: you will love the individual treatments at your cosy wellness & spa hotel. Experience beauty and spa in South Tyrol. The team at your favourite Dolce Vita Hotel is looking forward to welcoming you in person. Leave daily life behind and take some time for yourself. Have look at the fantastic spa opportunities and choose your favourite wellness package.

Beauty and Spa in South Tyrol  DolceVita Beauty Treatments  DolceVita WellnessTreatments

Beauty and spa
treatments in South Tyrol

Beauty and spa in South Tyrol: there is a wide range of various wellness & spa opportunities at your Dolce Vita Hotels. You will be spoiled for choice by the attractive offers and the amenities of different spa hotels in the Vinschgau Valley! Your Dolce Vita Hotel is your 'base of operations' during your holidays in Italy. Book your spa treatment in the Dolce Vita Hotel of your choice. TCM and Ayurveda at Hotel Preidlhof, treatments for couples at Hotel Jagdhof or a cosy Sarner pine cone body pack at Hotel Lindenhof. There are no limits for your spa holiday dreams!.

Beauty and spa treatments at a glance:


Each of the 3,000 acupressure points is beneficial for certain ailments. A massage restores the balance of energy.


Ayurveda means 'knowledge of life' (Ayu= life, Veda= knowledge). A traditional massage `from` India. Warm oil nourishes and cleanses your skin.

Pantai Luar Massage 

Anointment of the entire body with special, warm oils. Massage with a herbal stamp.

Shiatsu Massage 

The masseur feels the circulation of energy, which he stimulates with gentle pressure to ensure an unhampered flow of energy.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage 

Unique massage based on the natural treatment of the human organism. Massage with `select` oils, tensions and blockages are removed. 

Dorn and Breuss Spine Massage 

Gentle, energetic back massage to loosen tensions in body and soul.

Tuina Massage 

Gentle working of meridians and pressure points to restore the balance of Yin and Yang and stimulate the circulation of energy.

Stamp Massage 

Rice is cooked in a broth of herbs and plants and wrapped into a scarf. Massage of the body with the warm stamp.

Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowl 

A gentle method to restore the vibrancy of your body.

Thai Massage

Complex series of gentle pressure, stretching and mobilisation of muscles and joints.

La Stone Therapy 

Smooth, round lava stones are heated to 50° for treatment of the Chakras (energy centres). Ice cold marble is also used.

Meridian Massage 

A therapy based on the Chinese principles of energy circulation along meridians.


Stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the regenerative forces of the body.

'Welch' Massage with Precious Stones 

This whole-body massage effects a deep relaxation, a regeneration of the body, a strengthening of the immune system and it relieves physical tensions. The massage is extremely therapeutic and balancing.

Enjoy at

Feldhof DolceVita Resort
Hotel Jagdhof
Hotel Lindenhof
Hotel Preidlhof 
Hotel Alpiana Resort

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