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Öffnungszeiten der Hotels Openingtimes of the hotels
DolceVita Hotel Jagdhof
26.12.20 - 06.01.21
20.03.21 - 21.11.21
Lifestyle DolceVita Resort Lindenhof
26.12.20 - 10.01.21
04.03.21 - 12.12.21 & 26.12.21 - 09.01.22
Feldhof DolceVita Resort
26.12.20 - 10.01.21
18.03.20 - 21.11.20 & 26.12.21 - 09.01.22
DolceVita Alpiana Resort
26.12.20 - 06.01.21
19.03.21 - 07.12.21 & 26.12.21 - 09.01.22
DolceVita Luxury Resort Preidlhof
26.12.20 - 06.01.21
29.01.21 - 28.11.21

Technical seminar for e-mountainbikers

DolceVita Luxury Resort Preidlhof
26.03.21 - 29.03.21,
14.05.21 - 17.05.21
Possible arrival days: Friday with a minimum stay of 3 days.
from € 700,- per person


"The better the riding technique, the more fun" is the motto of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturno.

Our e-bike riding technique seminar is aimed at e-mountain bike beginners who are just getting to know the possibilities and dangers of their e-bike. During the 2 days you will not only learn the MTB riding technique basics, which will allow you to enjoy your tours safely, but also the special features of handling modern e-bike technology. 

Included for you:

  • Balance and handling on the bike
  • Refinement of braking technique
  • Correct shifting and cadence
  • Mastering steep passages uphill
  • Mastering steep passages downhill
  • Turning on gravel
  • Mastering narrow bends
  • Overcoming small obstacles
  • HELP my e-bike does not support anymore! What can you check yourself - eliminate possible sources of error yourself.

More services:

  • Support `from` the guides and trainers of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturns
  • 2 days MTB riding technique training and tours with subsequent video analysis 

Also included in the price:

Preidlhof Inclusive de luxe - countless excellent services! 

Dear Dolce Vita friends
The past months have been tough. We would have never thought that the summer season could become such a success. But it did – thanks to you! You encouraged us, supported us with your kind words and actions, and reinforced our decision to carry on. We would like to thank you for that with all our hearts.

Now, our five Dolce Vita hotels are taking a break and will presumably reopen on December 26th.

Until then, we wish you health, a great deal of optimism, and beautiful moments with your families. We can do it!

Warm regards from South Tyrol,
the Dolce Vita Hotel families


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